Editing Testimonials

1) Editing testimonial from Tori Peglar

As an editor, Marc brings with him a wonderful sense of humor, dedication to and passion for the written word and close attention to detail. He is a team player who thinks independently and his skills contributed to the Coloradan magazine winning the prestigious 2011 gold national award from the Council and Support for the Advancement and Support of Education, one of the largest education-focused nonprofits in the world.

(Tori is Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, CU-Boulder Alumni Association, Editor of the Coloradan magazine, and a University of Colorado-Boulder alum.)

2) Editing and Proofreading Testimonial from Ira C.

I’ve been very pleased with the editing help I’ve received from Marc. As an academic (professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado) I’m working on developing a better journalistic style to reach a broader audience.

Marc has responded to my requests for editorial aid promptly and skillfully. He has a good feel for fitting the style and voice of a piece to the writer’s aims and audience. He has read my drafts with a keen eye for overall organization, clarity and consistent tone.

Marc has an equally keen eye for details. He asks the kinds of questions a writer needs: “Is this exactly the right word here? Can you make this point more precisely with fewer words? Should you break up this long paragraph into two short ones? Is this comma in the right place?”

Marc is a real professional. He knows how to do what the best editors do:  help writers find the right words to say, clearly and concisely, exactly what they mean.


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