My Spanish Teaching Testimonials

I)  Testimonial from Linda T.
I’ve had three Spanish classes with Marc and I can’t wait for more. He makes learning fun and easy with a mix of conversation and instruction. He’s punctual, prepared and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!

II) Testimonial from Dr. Marcia P., retired French professor
As an experienced language professor, I can attest to the fact that Marc’s level of Spanish is fluent and spoken with ease. His methods of teaching are effective; his presentations are interesting, energetic and colorful. It is difficult to find such a fine combination of qualifications.

III) Testimonial from Silvine F.
Marc offered Spanish tutoring sessions at a silent auction fundraiser for our church. The sessions have been extremely useful, as Marc is very at home in Spanish. He understands the kind of help English speakers need to improve their conversational Spanish. The hour-and-a-quarter sessions have been delightful as well as useful – Marc is great fun to be around. He also gives far more than he promises – sending me emails in Spanish, speaking Spanish with me whenever I run into him and recommending useful Web resources.

IV) Testimonial from Ann T.
Si usted busca alguién que pueda ayudarle en mejorar su español, me gustaría recomendar a Marc. (“If you’re looking for someone to help you improve  your Spanish, I’d like to recommend Marc.”)
Marc has been a fantastic leader of the weekly Spanish conversation group because he always prepares interesting and diverse activities, and is attentive to each participant’s level and needs in the group. He clearly enjoys the role of leading the discussions, and he has the respect and appreciation of all members of the group.

IV) Testimonial from Barbara C.
I have found Marc to be a dependable, reliable and efficient leader of the Spanish Conversation Group. He is always very organized, thoughtful and communicative in choosing interesting and thought-provoking topics of conversation for our diverse group of attendees.

He also possesses the wonderful quality of being diplomatic, keeps us on topic, and encourages everybody to speak Spanish – to be comfortable with their level of knowledge of the language and to take risks in order to improve. He is always very professional and friendly.



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