House and Pet Sitting Testimonials

House and Pet Sitting Testimonial from Janet Meyer

Having Marc take care of our home and our dog while we were on vacation was a real comfort. We knew that Ollie, our golden retriever, was happy, fed and exercised, and we could relax, confident that our home would be in good shape when we returned.

Ollie by Janet Meyer

Ollie by Janet Meyer

The first time Marc house and dog sat for us he met with us beforehand to learn the details of Ollie’s care, and even had us show him the “usual walk” we do in our neighborhood. He obviously loves dogs, and Ollie greets him enthusias-tically whenever he visits. We have boarded our dog in a kennel before, and feel that Marc’s services are a better option for Ollie.

At our visit beforehand, we were able to orient him to all the quirks and particulars of our home. Marc was attentive to our plants, and left our place clean and tidy. We found it especially reassuring to have someone so responsible and trustworthy stay in our home while we are gone.

In sum, I would highly recommend Marc and his services for your house and pet sitting needs.

Testimonial from Robin A.

I felt I could completely relax and enjoy my vacation knowing that my home and Hazel, our dog, were in the very competent hands of a man with compassion, intelligence and great attention to detail. I plan to use him again in the future and to pass the word!

Testimonial from Phyllis H.

I am pleased to recommend Marc as a house sitter.  He stayed at our house and took care of our two dogs while we were away for three nights. This involved walking them, feeding them and putting them in their crates for the night. He also brought in our mail and newspaper.

Marc came over to the house before we left, and we went over our expectations and his checklist. He was very attentive to detail. We returned to find the dogs happy and the house in good shape.

I would not hesitate to ask Marc to house sit in the future. I trust Marc to use good judgment in caring for our house and dogs. I know Marc from the Boulder Valley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, which we both attend.



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